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The Denali Park Salmon Bake is Proudly an “Alaskan Small Business of the Year” Award Winner!

Come work in Denali for the summer!

"Our employees are our most valuable asset."


Spending a summer in Denali National Park is truly a life altering experience. Many people come to work in Alaska for a summer and end up spending a lifetime.

Our restaurant is locally owned and operated by Denali Visions 3000 Corporation. This small Alaskan business is headed by two young, (well, kind of young), fellows who first came to Denali as seasonal employees. The partners love the park and feel blessed to live and work in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. They place a high value on hiring like-minded employees and aim to be the best employer in the area.

This is a fast-paced bar, restaurant, and lodging facility that strives to be the best eating, drinking, and entertainment establishment in Denali. We take great pride in serving high quality meals and providing exceptional service to our guests. We are looking for hard working, fun-loving individuals to help accomplish our mission. We value our reputation of being a "cool place to work" and we are proud of the fact that we have many employees return summer after summer.

The reason our restaurant is such a great place to work is that we promote teamwork and hold our employees to the highest of standards within a casual, fun atmosphere. If you work well with others and take pride in doing a good job, you will enjoy working for us.

Before you fill out an online application please understand that if you are hired, we will have high expectations of you and your job performance!

Life Living & Working in Denali with us

The restaurant is located at the entrance to Denali National Park. We are one of the few independently owned operations left in the Denali, and are surrounded by giant corporate hotels, which bring hundreds of thousands of guests to the area every season.

We and all the other area hotels hire thousands of people from around the world to come to Denali and work in their businesses. All local employers provide housing for their employees. Life in Denali is a lot like going to summer camp when you were a kid, where for 4 months you will work, live, and play together with people from all around the world.

Employee Housing

Most of our employees live at one of our base camp housing areas. Both complexes are located in the wonderful year-round town of Healy, Alaska - 10-miles north of the entrance to Denali. When we first purchased The Bake, the only employee housing available was without heat and electricity. As we grew we were determined to find a great place for our employees to live. In 2009, we purchased Healy Base Camp, which housed 30 employees. Jumping forward to the present, we have built Base Camp into a wonderful little community of approximately 90 employees complete with an employee recreation room and brand new private shower house. Base Camp will be your home while working in Denali.

Each room at Base Camp has 2-single beds and basic amenities, and the toilets and showers are located in a nearby bathhouse. If you’re coming to Alaska with a friend, you can opt to room together.

Rent at Base Camp for 2014 is $12 per day, which will be deducted from your biweekly paycheck. Rent includes heat, electricity, wifi, a daily continental breakfast in the employee recreation room, and free transportation on our shuttle bus. It also qualifies you to take part in the Base Camp meal plan (see below). A security deposit is required at the beginning of the season.

Base Camp Meal Card "The Best Meal Plan in Denali!"

Your housing contract also includes a meal plan for “The Best Meal Plan in Denali!” Your meal plan allows you to purchase two meals per day at any of our restaurants: The Denali Park Salmon Bake, Prospectors Historic Pizzeria & Ale House, or the 49th State Brewing Co. The price for each meal is only $3 and must be paid in cash at the time you order. The meal cost cannot be deducted from your paycheck. Items purchased through our employee meal plan are not transferable and cannot be shared. Certain items, such as King Crab Legs & Halibut Entrees, are not included in the meal plan. With a number of items to choose from, you have the freedom to eat well. You can order a $13 hamburger, a $15 small pizza, a $16 salad, or $14 Nachos for only $3.Note that there are designated times to participate in the meal plan since we do not have a dining room for employees.. Please follow the appropriate meal times listed in the employee handbook.

Other Information

Our restaurant is a non-smoking work place. If you can't last a shift without a smoke, please don't apply. Personal cell phone use and texting is not permitted at work. We expect you to be clean and neat in appearance at work. All staff is required to purchase and wear a uniform for $20. If you complete your contract, and the shirts are clean and reusable, $20 per shirt will be reimbursed.

You are required to provide your own transportation to Denali. Most people fly into Anchorage and spend the night in a hostel. The next day they take a shuttle to Denali. If you are hired, we will provide you with more information.

Come Work For Us

So if you like what you've read...

Are you a good employee who works well with others? Do you feel like you’re a good fit to come work with is? Are you sure you can leave your current life and afford to get to Denali? Are you ready to come to the most beautiful place on Earth and live your Alaskan dream? If so, please click the button below and apply for a job.

Thank you for your interest.

Job Applications

Job Applications





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Sled Dog Liquor in Denali next to the Salmon Bake

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"World Famous" Denali Park Salmon Bake

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